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Privacy Policy

By visiting YM Car Leasing, you trust us with your information and we ensure that trust is not broken. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand what data is being collected, why it is being collected and what we do with it. Please take the time to read through this important document carefully. Also, you can contact us at sales@ymcar.com.sg if you have questions.

Information we collect

We collect information from our users in order to improve the user experience as well as make improvements to the services we provide. Depending on the services you use, we collect information over a few ways.

Information you provide us

We collect the information you provide to us when using some of our services. For instance, some of our services require you to sign up for an account with YM. When you do, you will be required to provide personal information like name, email address and contact number.

Information we get from your use

We get information when you use our services and how you use them. This would include how you interact with the services you are using, the frequency as well as duration. We also collect information on your device when you visit in order to provide a streamlined user experience not limited by hardware. Some of them include device type, hardware model and operating system versions.

We use various technologies to collect and store information when you visit YM including the usage of cookies and other similar technologies to identify your browsers and device.

What we do with them

The information we collect are solely used to provide a consistent user experience. We use these information to provide a quality service and by understanding how you interact with our services, constantly make improvements to better suit your needs. Through this, we will be able to provide consistently high quality services.

Changes to our policy

We will notify you whenever there are any changes to our privacy policy and you may review them before continuing to use our services.

Who do we contact

To learn more about our Privacy Policy, you may contact us at:

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Car Leasing Terms & Conditions


  1. Rental fees shall be paid in advance daily/weekly/monthly. Rental fees are as per agreed, GST chargeable.
    1. Without prejudice to the Owner’s other rights, the Hirers will be liable to an administrative fee plus 2% late interest payment and all costs incurred by the Owner for employment of a debt collection agency or legal agency, if the Rental Fee is in arrears or unpaid.
    2. In the event the Rental Fee remains unpaid for more than two (2) days, the Owner reserves the right to lodge a police report as Lost Vehicle and repossess the vehicle. The incidental costs for such processes will be charged to the Hirer(s).


  1. The Hirer shall upon signing this Agreement pay the Security Deposit as agreed. The Deposit shall be maintained at the same amount during the Contractual Period of Lease.
  2. Without prejudice to the Owner’s other rights, the Owner reserves the right to forfeit and/or retain part of the Deposit in the event the Hirer breaches any part of the Agreement, fails or neglects to pay any sums or charges due to or owing to the Owner.
  3. The Security Deposit cannot be used to contra as part of the Rental Fee.


  1. The Hirer(s) or driver(s) have be at least 23 years old with a valid Singapore class 3 or foreign license or international driving license for at least 2 years and to provide original identity card and driving license for local or passport together with their foreign identity card.
    1. For Hirer(s) or driver(s) below the age of 23 years old or have less than 2 years driving experience, the excess will be doubled as provided under Clause 7. Additional insurance charges apply $10 per day incl. GST or $50 per week incl. GST or $100 per month incl. GST.
  2. The vehicle may be driven during the term of hire only by the persons named on the Rental Document or in a supplementary driver's sheet attached to the Rental Agreement, and only if they hold a current full valid driver's license appropriate for the vehicle while they are using the vehicle. No subletting allowed.


The Hirer shall not:

  1. Remove the Car Registration Number Label/Tag from the vehicle key; $10.00 incl. GST will be charged for its loss;
  2. Operate the vehicle for carriage of passengers for hire or reward by any person whom the vehicle is hired; the vehicle is NOT for chauffeur use and must not be operated for such purposes, i.e. Uber & Grabcar or any other limousine or taxi services;
  3. Allow any person to smoke in the vehicle;
  4. Sublet or hire the vehicle to any other person;
  5. Allow the vehicle to be used outside his/her authority;
  6. Operate the vehicle of allow it to be operated, in breach of the Road Traffic Act of Singapore, or any other Act, regulations, rules or bylaws relating to road traffic;
  7. Operate the vehicle or allow it to be operated in circumstances that constitute an offence against any regulations under the Laws of Singapore;
  8. Operate the vehicle or allow it to be operated in any race, speed test, reliability trial, rally or contest, or operated on any race or rally circuit or in any event as pace-maker or testing in preparation for any of them;
  9. Operate the vehicle or allow it to be operated for the transport of more passengers or goods than the maximum specified in the certificate of loading;
  10. Drive or allow the vehicle to be driven by any person if at the time of driving the vehicle the driver foes not hold a current valid driver’s license appropriate for the vehicle. Anyone caught driving without license will be handed to the police;
  11. Allow the vehicle to be driven by any person who is not named or described in the Rental Document as a person permitted to drive the vehicle;
  12. Transport any animal in the vehicle (with the exception of guide dogs for visually impaired persons);
  13. Operate or allow the vehicle to be used in involvement with any illegal activities, transport or smuggling of duty unpaid tobacco/alcohol products, controlled/illegal drugs, or contraband products that are not permitted by the law; 在租借其间,如有走私非法移民,受控制药物,漏税香烟以及各种走私犯法活动,而导致被租车辆涉及新加坡或马来西亚当局扣押或没收、雇主将承担全部责任和支付我们公司 赔偿费用。
  14. Hirer(s) shall be held fully responsible for offences committed in Singapore or Malaysia over the rental period, i.e. summons, traffic offences, accidents, etc.
  15. Vehicle is strictly for Singapore use only and may not be driven out of Singapore without prior consent of the Owner.
  16. For use in Malaysia, additional charges apply at $30.00 incl. GST per day or $150.00 incl. GST per month. Unauthorized Malaysia use shall be charged at $60.00 incl. GST per day. For use in Malaysia, the accident excess is doubled and recovery of vehicle in the event of a breakdown is only within Johor Bahru. The hirer(s) will be responsible for costs of vehicle recovery beyond Johor Bahru.
  17. The Owner shall not be responsible for any outstanding offences or summons relating to the entry into Malaysia.
  18. In the event of an accident, regardless of extent, the Hirer must inform the Owner immediately and liaise with the Owner for submission of Accident Report within 24hours. Hirer shall be liable for the Accident Excess provided under Clause 7. Damage, Repairs and Loss of Rental Income on the Owner’s vehicle will be assessed and charged separately from the Accident Excess.
  19. All accidents shall be reported to the police if injuries are involved, and to the accident reporting centre, to be advised by the Owner. For any unreported accident, regardless of extent, the Hirer shall be responsible to full liability of the claims, and Non-Waiverable Accident Excess to the Owner as provided under Clause 7.
  20. Speeding, racing, reckless driving and Illegal and unauthorized uses of the vehicle are prohibited and the Owner will report the matter to the authorities; forfeiture deposits and claims shall be made against the hirer(s) and driver(s).
  21. For ‘hirers’ who are business entities (sole proprietor, private limited, LLP, etc.), all drivers’ particulars must be furnished to the Owner prior to permitted operation of vehicle, with fulfilment of the below criteria:
    1. Drivers of hirer must be legal employees of the Hirer
    2. No subletting is allowed
    3. Failure to comply with the above the hirer shall undertake full responsibility to all liabilities of the leased vehicle and compensation if any, suffered by the Owner.
  22. Should the vehicle breakdown due to mechanical faults, the Owner may in the meantime replace a rental vehicle of similar category. The Owner shall not be held responsible for any form of loss, i.e. income, fuel, etc. If the Owner is unable to provide a replacement vehicle, then the rental shall be pro-rated for the downtime.
  23. For breakdowns, flat battery, tyre puncture, empty petrol tank, loss of keys (chargeable for replacement) or any other issues due to Hirer’s negligence which requires assistance from the Owner, a nominal fee of $50.00 incl. GST shall be charged.
  24. The Hirer shall return the vehicle fuel at the same level to time of collection. $15.00 incl. GST per 10% of fuel shall be charged.


  1. Hirers and drivers shall ensure care of the vehicle:
    1. Vehicle must not be overloaded, carry passengers in excess of the limit for which the vehicle is licensed
    2. Water in radiator, Battery and Oil maintained at proper levels
    3. Vehicle locked and secure at all times when not in use
    4. No alterations, modifications, interferences to any part of the vehicle
    5. Should warning light illuminates or the Hirer believes the vehicle requires mechanical attention, the Hirer will stop driving and conduct necessary precautions and contact the Owner
    6. All drivers authorised to use the vehicle are to be aware of and comply with the terms the vehicle, i.e. no pets, smoking, dumping of trash inside the vehicle. Penalty fee is $50.00 incl GST.
  2. Hirers and drivers shall be held responsible for any loss of items of damages to the vehicles.
  3. Should there be suspected fault with the vehicle, hirers and drivers must take necessary precautions to check the vehicle and inform the Owner.
  4. Hirers and drivers shall be responsible for bringing the vehicle to the Owner’s authorised workshop for scheduled servicing or any check for suspected mechanical irregularities.
  5. Hirer(s) will be liable for tyre punctures, damaged tyres, wheel rims and windscreens.
  6. Only servicing will be covered. Wear and tear shall be accorded on a case to case basis, with all rights of the Owner reserved.
  7. All repairs, maintenance and servicing must be carried out at the Owner’s authorised workshop Best AutoWheel Pte Ltd located at 1 Bukit Batok Crescent #02-42 Wcega Plaza Singapore 658064, and to be arranged with the Owner prior to any appointment.


The Hirer is liable for:

  1. Any loss of, or damage to, or theft of the vehicle or its accessories;
  2. And consequential damages, loss or costs incurred by the owner, including salvage costs, loss of ability to re-hire and loss of revenue; and
  3. Any loss of, or damage to, vehicles and property of third parties, arising during the term of hire.
  4. In the event the Hirer defaults full or part payment of damages, costs or losses suffered by the Owner, the Owner reserves the right to repudiate full liability to any claims; the Owner shall recover all losses and costs incurred in the process from the Hirer(s).
  5. The above liability excludes the Hirer’s liability on the Accident Excess provided under Clause 7.


  1. The Owner shall insure the vehicle against all 3rd party risks and liabilities,
  2. Accident Excess is Non-Waiverable at $3,000.00 excl. GST for each Party’s Claim (Own Damage Claim or Third Party Claim), subjected to the driver’s age and driving experience at time of accident:
    1. The Hirer/Driver must be at least 23 years old;
    2. The Hirer/Driver must have had more than 2 years of driving experience
  3. Accident Excess is doubled if at the time of accident:
    1. The Hirer/Driver was below 23 years old;
    2. The Hirer/Driver had less than 2 years of driving experience
  4. Accident Excess is doubled if the accident occurs in Malaysia, subjected to Clauses 7a. & 7b.
  5. Without prejudice to the Owner’s other rights, the Owner reserves the rights to claim the damages to the vehicle against its insurer for Own Damage Claim, or to send for repair at its authorised workshop; the Hirer shall be liable to either liability (Own Damage Claim or Repair Costs/Revenue Losses).
    1. For Own Damage Claims that result in an increase in the vehicle’s insurance premium, the Owner reserves the rights to adjust the Hirer’s Rental Fee in relation to the increased costs.
  6. Accident Excess must be paid in full. In the event the Hirer defaults full or part payment of Excess liable, the Owner reserves the right to repudiate full liability to the claims, and recover all losses and costs incurred in the process from the Hirer(s).


The Hirer acknowledges that insurance coverage will not apply if:

  1. At any time when the driver of the vehicle is under the influence of alcohol or any drug;
  2. At any time when the vehicle is in an unsafe or unroadworthy condition, such condition arising during the course of the fire, that caused or contributed to the damage or loss, and the Hirer or driver was aware or should have been aware of the unsafe or unroadworthy condition of the vehicle;
  3. At any time when a mechanical failure breakdown or breakage occurs and/or an electrical or electronic failure or breakdown occurs that is the result of improper use of the vehicle. This exclusion also applies to damage to the engine or transmission system directly resulting from any mechanical failure breakdown or breakage, but does not otherwise apply to resulting damage to other parts of the vehicle;
  4. At any time when the driver commits a traffic offence while driving the vehicle;
  5. At any time when the driver fails to stop or remain at the scene following the occurrence of an accident where required to do so by law;
  6. To any fine or penalty imposed as a result of prosecution for breach of any law;
  7. At any time when the vehicle was operated beyond the term of the Rental Agreement or any agreed extension of the term,or at any other time or in any other circumstances notified by the Owner to the Hirer.
  8. Or any other breaches stated in this agreement.

9. GPS

  1. The Hirer acknowledges that they are liable for:
  2. Damage or loss, including theft, of the GPS unit and/or its accessories. The charge is $500 incl. GST per unit;
  3. Handling and freight fee where any accessory is damaged and/or not returned with the GPS unit. The charge is $100 incl. GST per item


  1. Each Party (i.e., Agency Relationship; Agent signs on behalf of Principal) represents and warrants to the other that the signatory below has the full authority to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the Party (Hirer).

11. In breach of any of the clauses, the Owner reserves the right to repossess the vehicle without any refund with a compensation or excess of $3,000.00 imposed. In addition, Hirer shall be liable for any loss of rental, opportunity costs and repairs suffered by the Owner.

12. The Owner reserves its full rights and remedies to the contract with the Hirer(s).

13. The hirer agrees to indemnify YM Car Leasing Pte Ltd against any responsibility but not limited to loss of items, injuries, loss of income, or any damage claims. The Hirer or driver shall be held responsible.


Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, I/We (the Hirer) hereby acknowledge and consent to the Owner:

  1. The information requested by the Owner for assessment of the Hirer;
  2. The Hirer acknowledges that the Owner will collect, hold and use the Hirer’s personal information for purpose of hire of the vehicle and the provision of related customer services, including direct marketing and assessing customer satisfaction with products and services provided by the Owner.
  3. The Hirer further acknowledges that such personal information may be disclosed to debt collection agencies or any legal agencies in the event the Hirer defaults any payments or rental monies, or government authorities relating to any investigations, or other parties involved in an accident with the vehicle while on hire to the Hirer; and the Hirer hereby authorises the disclosure of their personal information for such purposes.
  4. The Hirer acknowledges that the Owner may disseminate me with promotion or information from time to time on our products and promotions, via modes of communication:
  5. I/We acknowledge and confirm that:
    1. If you do not have a copy of my signed consent form on record, you may not be able to provide me with information on the products;
    2. This written consent shall continue in full force and effect until a written revocation is received by you, subjected to Clause 15.